January thumbnail Bloomington Landscape thumbnail Crossroads thumbnail Across the Fields thumbnail Across the Street thumbnail
Afternoon thumbnail By the Trail thumbnail Colonnade thumbnail The Commander thumbnail Copse thumbnail
Dusk thumbnail Easter thumbnail Edge of the Woods thumbnail First Time Out thumbnail Flying thumbnail
Golden Hour thumbnail Golden Twilight Dusk House in Prospect Hill thumbnail House Near Woodlawn thumbnail Descent thumbnail
Late Afternoon thumbnail Morning, House and Trees thumbnail Old Campus, Late Winter thumbnail Quiet Street thumbnail Spring Breeze thumbnail
Sunny Afternoon thumbnail The Valley, Dusk thumbnail Tree thumbnail Twilight thumbnail Two Trees thumbnail
Woodlawn thumbnail Young Life thumbnail Caught in the Rain thumbnail Foot of the Hill thumbnail Golden Crown thumbnail
Half Way Up thumbnail Near West Side thumbnail Morning thumbnail Parallel thumbnail Crane at the IU Power Plant thumbnail
Tree on 14th Street thumbnail Tree on 14th Street thumbnail Soaring thumbnail    
PHILADELPHIA, 1997 - 2008
Early Spring thumbnail Park by the Woods thumbnail Tree on 14th Street thumbnail House in the Rain thumbnail October, Stone Wall in New Hampshire thumbnail
Early Spring (Haverford College) thumbnail Haverford College: Early Spring thumbnail Tree in the Rain thumbnail Rainy Season thumbnail Tree in a Landscape (Haverford College) thumbnail
The Night Walker thumbnail Schuylkill in the Rain thumbnail November thumbnail Morning thumbnail Study for House Forms in Nature thumbnail
Early Spring (2) thumbnail Under the Canopy thumbnail Wandering (Haverford College) thumbnail Spring thumbnail By the Pond thumbnail
House Forms in Nature thumbnail        


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